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Public Lands Project

Grand County LWV Public Lands

That same year, the US League of Women Voters adopted a national position on the Transfer of Federal Public Lands which supports retention of those lands under the jurisdiction of the federal government with US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands managed according to the Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield Policy. The League position also supports improvements in management and regulation.

In keeping with the League’s commitment to being a nonpartisan political organization that works on issues of concern to members and the public, the League of Women Voters of Grand County created a Public Lands Project webpage to house the numerous documents associated with the Transfer of Public Lands Movement Educational Study. Use this information to engage local, state, and national elected officials in a serious discussion about the future of US Public Lands.  


Make Retention of America's Public Lands a National Issue

Read the Transfer Study and Watch the Presentations

Become Informed and Join the Conversation

Ask candidates running for local, state and national office about their stance on the Transfer of US Public Lands into state/and or private ownership.

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership


Transfer of Federal Public Lands Now a National Position!


In 2020, the League of Women Voters of Grand County completed an educational study for the Utah League on the Transfer of Public Lands Movement. This study explores the intersection between the history of US Public Lands, the politics of the Transfer of Public Lands Movement, and the consequences to public access to these lands if the Transfer Movement succeeds. 

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