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Public Lands Project

NEXT STEPS: TPLM Public Lands Project 2021-2022




What happens to U.S. public lands in Utah and by extension, the other western states, should be of interest to all Americans; because these lands will remain in public ownership only if the American people let their elected officials know that they support retention of these lands under the jurisdiction of the federal government.


Make retention of US public lands in federal ownership a campaign issue.  Ask those who represent your interests:

  • Should U.S. public lands continue to belong to all Americans or should they be transferred into state ownership?

  • Should the Antiquities Act be rescinded so no more public lands can become national monuments through presidential proclamation?

  • Should Utah legislators bring the public land transfer case to the U.S. Supreme Court?



Share the Public Lands Project webpage with people you know.  Help raise awareness across your community and across the country about the threat to US public lands posed by the Transfer of Public Lands Movement.

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